Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida

“This is my first time on the other side. You got to take it how you give it. Maybe next time I’ll do better” said Evans.
I am not really much into UFC but watching the 2 undefeated Ultimate Fighting Champions in mixed martial arts of the world had caught much of my attention on the TV at the live fight!

Okay, for a little history, Rashad Evans, born in New York have 13 wins, 0 loss, until one Saturday night, May 23. He was beaten until knock out by Lyoto Machida, at round 2 for 3:57 minutes. I didn't know both that much until now. Evans was known to be the "lucky puncher" while Machida was already in karate since 3 years old.

“Karate’s back!” shouted Machida. Congratulations!


Natz said...

hehe...UFC i love this game, you can see the true blood of warriors ,brutallity and human cock fighting...ACTION...Woow

Natz said...

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Passion Gallery said...

thanks Natz... Nice ;)