Monday, May 11, 2009

Wecome To My Nook

Sometimes painting keeps me busy, even wall painting!

Come in.

Now you know why.

Yes I can stay here forever.

Time flies so fast.

If you want to learn
how to do wall painting in stripes, just follow these few easy and easy simple steps:

  • Prepare your colors to use for you painting. This means you need to decided which colors are to use for the background and which colors are used to paint in stripes.

  • Clean the wall to be used for painting in stripes. Make sure the space is free of water or dust before coating.
  • Start coating the wall with the first layer of your background color and finish it off with the kind of color intensity that you like. Wait for it to dry a bit before you start brushing it off with the real colors.
  • Brush your colors in stripes alternately. You may use even width or use various thickness per color like the ones I did on my wall.
  • Wait for the paint colors to settle on the wall before you straighten up the edges of the stripes.
  • Lastly, use an electrical tape to tidy your stripes up. Cut the size of the tape that is just enough to cover the length of the stripes then tape one side of the stripes from ceiling to the floor. Make sure to brush each side of the tape using the background color you used, just like how you use a ruler to create margins on a paper. Remove the tape right after you're done brushing.
Just repeat the last three steps for each side of the stripes. That easy and simple and you have your walls colored in stripes!


Passion Gallery said...

colorful isn't it?

Passion Gallery said...

By the way, the butterflies (which obviously are not in Stripes .. hehehe) are manually done.. no tricks or tips on those :P

NATZ said...

yup... not bad it's colorful, anyway dont trust anything even THE WALL...haha


Passion Gallery said...

hmmm... didn't really get that... do you mind elaborating? ;)

Anonymous said...

nice room part....asa ni sa minglanilla ni?