Saturday, May 9, 2009

Foods at AA BBQ, Cebu

Filipino's very own Halo-Halo. Halo-halo is a combination of shaved ice, sweet beans, slices of jackfruit meat, cut jellies, and milk. Toppings can be different flavors of ice cream and ofcourse, leche flan. This truly enticing dessert makes you forget you are on a diet.

Frozen Margarita is best served when chilled. The margarita salt crusted around the glass rim will help complement the strong flavor of this spirit.

Pork BBQ at AAs BBQ

This is a fairly cheap piece of stick not really meant for people on diet. It is just so sumptuous you can't get enough of!

Baked Talaba

Each piece of shells promises you nothing but the creamy taste of butter and cheese melted on top the "talaba" or shell meats.

Shell Stew

Don't dare to eat anything yet unless you've tasted this great soup. This is served best when hot. You sure don't want to skip the appetizer part.

AA BBQ is one of Cebu's pride when it comes to the true home-grilled taste. They have branches in A.S Fortuna, Minglanilla, Cebu City, and counting...


Anonymous said...

hi good job. can i ask you out sometime?

Passion Gallery said...


but no thanks ;)

Passion Gallery said...

hmm.. yes sure... only if you tell your name :)